First Steps (for new players)


  • Just follow the main questline until you reach level 50. It is no longer possible to grind out Ehrgeiz in Arthetine in Season 2. Do not skip continents, EXP is quite tight now.
  • Once you reach level 49.55, you can immediately proceed to Bern’s questline until you have access to the first set of Chaos Dungeons. They will not be available by default. You must also complete a very short guide quest on unlocking Guardian Raids.
  • Tips after settling down: If you know a new tier of Chaos Dungeons or Guardian Raids will be releasing in the coming days and you’re already in good shape, don’t do your runs and save the Relaxation Bonus for double rewards in the following contents.
  • Plan this in accordance to market prices. If materials are still worth a lot, then there’s no point in saving Relaxation Bonus – just do the runs and sell the materials.
  • Complete daily Epona missions and take your Weekly Epona missions. Short term, you should just take the Epona missions that give you Breakthrough Stones, as they are an essential item used for upgrading equipment.
  • Rewards will increase and transform as you reach certain item level thresholds. Your daily and weekly eponas will grant more Shillings and higher tier stones as your level increases.
  • Transform to back to Lower Breakthrough Stones at item levels 802 (T2) and 1302 (T3).
  • Transform to Mid Breakthrough Stones at item levels 370 (T1), 870 (T2), and 1370 (T3).
  • Transform to Upper Breakthrough Stones at item levels 460 (T1), 960 (T2), and 1460 (T3).
  • In all of the above cases, this is when you reach +15 on all item slots in the Lower or Mid Subtiers.

Reference T1 Gear Route.




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