Gear Auction House

In Season 2, there is a new tab in the Auction House. This is where equipment is listed. Unbound gear comes from content higher than its tier. For example, in T3 contents, you can obtain T2 unbound equipment.

Selling a T3 accessory with good engravings, low quality, and ideal combat stat for 12,500g that I didn’t need but someone else did. It cost 270 Blue Crystals or 3,000g by current market value to package it.

On one hand, this sounds really disastrous, as a whale can simply ‘buy the best gear’. But, on the other hand, we should consider the biggest boon of this: we need accessories and ability stones to be sellable. With all the things like quality, engravings, and combat stats (which can’t be re-rolled anymore mind you), it’s virtually impossible to pursue min/max without getting the accessories you need from other players.

In addition to the unbound drops, most gear can be packaged using a box found in the cash shop. Items take between 3 and 30 of these boxes to package depending on what slot they are and their rarity. Most left side items and ability stones take very few boxes, while accessories take a lot of boxes. Typically it ends up being worth packaging and selling either ideal set items or accessories with amazing stats on them, as people often buy them for a price that’s more than the Gold value used to buy the boxes for Blue Crystals.

In addition to those listed above, jewels can be found on the Auction House as well, and they are alway unbound no matter what, and do not require any form of packaging.

Lastly, take advantage of the advanced searching UI to find exactly what you’re looking for, be it a T3 accessory with Grudge and your Class Engraving and Specialty, or an armor piece that has +2 to a tripod that you desperately want. You can even save search presets.

Credit by Saintone’s

This is information aggregated during my time playing Lost Ark on the Korean servers post-Season 2. As this is regional, some information may not apply to the RU, JP, or Global versions of the game. You can find gameplay of LAO Season 2 KR from my Twitch or YouTube channels. For corrections or questions you can reach me on Discord at Saintone#4599.

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