Legendary Avatars

Legendary Avatars are new to Season 2. Unlike the Heroic Avatars that you’re already familiar with...

Gear Progression

T1 Gear Route
T2 Gear Route
T3 Gear Route

Gear Auction House

In Season 2, there is a new tab in the Auction House. This is where equipment is listed. Unbound gear comes from content higher than its tier. For example, in T3 contents, you can obtain T2 unbound equipment.

First Steps

Term Dictionary


Gear & Content Segmentation

T1 Gear | T2 gear | T3 Gear | Rare | Legendary | Heroic | Artifact

Interactive MAP

Using Life Skill ‘Energy of Life’

don’t have a lot to say here. I don’t normally do much life skilling to begin with. Life Skilling was overhauled in Season 2.

Cards Sets

Cards are no longer used for a card mini-game in Season 2. Instead, they are collectible items that both provide small stat bonuses for collecting them, as well as equippable on a new equipment tab in your character info.


Island´s Heart, Mokokos Adventure,Masterpieces, Voyage Wonders, World Tree Leaf, Star of Orpheus, etc